Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Blue Jays baseball Johnny Mac reaching 10 years

John MacDonald, better known to Jays fans as Johnny Mac is coming up to 10 years of baseball. He is number one back-up to all infield positions and still a favourite to most fans of the Jays.

Thinking about it now, even last year when Scutaro/Hill were the talk of Jays, Johnny Mac still seemed to be talked about more then most other players. As little as he is played fans are still out wearing Johnny Mac Jerseys. I remember one night last season, Millar got on first and Mac ran for him. Everyone was going nuts!

10 years in baseball, 35 years old and Mac's a stud lol Im buying a Mac Jersey. ;D

Rogers Centre Ticket Information

The 2010 season is coming up! Tickets for the jays can be purchased at the rogers centre downtown toronto or at Ticketmaster.com.

Like last season i bought a couple flex packs. I find it doesnt make sense to buy seasons tickets and doesnt make sense to buy tickets each time. If you get the flex pack and dont use the tickets then you can trade them in for a later date and upgrade your seats for the next time.

If I bought the seasons tickets there would be no way i could go to all the games which would end up being a waste. I ofter see alot season ticket holders trying to find a way to sell of their tickets online or even outside the stadium. what is this point in this?


blue jay way the site!

Found yet another great Jays site! bluejaysway.ca is a site for fans to be able to talk about whats going on with the jays. The site has grown alot since it was established in 2002. This focuses on all kinds of fan based material from forums, products, player info, games, picture galleries, news and so on.

After reading through the site its easy to see its more active with info throughout baseball season but for those of you who can't wait, you may be interested. This site seems to have a large amount of information and good fan base.

Have a look on there and let me know what you think so i can decided whether or not to send tie site information to other who are recent or long time fans.