Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Blue Jays baseball Johnny Mac reaching 10 years

John MacDonald, better known to Jays fans as Johnny Mac is coming up to 10 years of baseball. He is number one back-up to all infield positions and still a favourite to most fans of the Jays.

Thinking about it now, even last year when Scutaro/Hill were the talk of Jays, Johnny Mac still seemed to be talked about more then most other players. As little as he is played fans are still out wearing Johnny Mac Jerseys. I remember one night last season, Millar got on first and Mac ran for him. Everyone was going nuts!

10 years in baseball, 35 years old and Mac's a stud lol Im buying a Mac Jersey. ;D

Rogers Centre Ticket Information

The 2010 season is coming up! Tickets for the jays can be purchased at the rogers centre downtown toronto or at Ticketmaster.com.

Like last season i bought a couple flex packs. I find it doesnt make sense to buy seasons tickets and doesnt make sense to buy tickets each time. If you get the flex pack and dont use the tickets then you can trade them in for a later date and upgrade your seats for the next time.

If I bought the seasons tickets there would be no way i could go to all the games which would end up being a waste. I ofter see alot season ticket holders trying to find a way to sell of their tickets online or even outside the stadium. what is this point in this?


blue jay way the site!

Found yet another great Jays site! bluejaysway.ca is a site for fans to be able to talk about whats going on with the jays. The site has grown alot since it was established in 2002. This focuses on all kinds of fan based material from forums, products, player info, games, picture galleries, news and so on.

After reading through the site its easy to see its more active with info throughout baseball season but for those of you who can't wait, you may be interested. This site seems to have a large amount of information and good fan base.

Have a look on there and let me know what you think so i can decided whether or not to send tie site information to other who are recent or long time fans.


Roy Halladay and the 3 man trade lands 2 top 50 prospects

Everyone was shocked to here about the trade for Halladay but stop and look at these three prospects. Kyle Drabek, Michael Taylor and Travis d'Arnaud were all part of the big trade.

shortly after Michael Taylor was traded for brett wallace, one of the top 50 prospects ranking number 16 on the list and Kyle Drabek ranking number 17 on that same list.

Thinking over this trade, Halladay is on his way out soon. So acquiring these players sounds like a good trade to me. Even though we all love the doc, think realistically, we are a team looking to prep for the future and this may just be what puts on the track to world series once again!

Get baseball tickets for the jays for cheap and sold out games

So last year I stumbled across this site. It sells tickets from season ticket holders and what not that people are trying to get rid of. There is some really good deals and on this site and as much as I'd like to believe the jays tickets always sell out, they usually don't. Maybe with this coming season hoping to be promising this may change. Its also good for ticket holders looking to get rid of tickets.

Hope this is helpful, I know last year we were able to purchase some good seats off here for less then cost. In the action seats also get posted here (seats right behind home plate next to the players dugout). Sometimes these seats can be impossible to get especially for premium home games. I think they are around $200 regular a ticket and i saw some on here for $150 last season.

See ya at the game!

Toronto baseball player Rod Barajas considers a one year contract with the Mets

WOW! it seems like we are loosing our whole team! Rod Barajas is considering a deal with the Mets! Jon Heyman of sports illustrated posted on his twitter, "Rod Barajas is likely to accept #mets offer (about about $1 mil on minor-league deal). If he does, he enters as favourite to start".

As of right now Rod hasnt done a physical so the deal hasnt been made official. As Jerry Manual says "until he is in uniform, im not talking about him". So i guess we will wait to see what happens. Rumor had it that Rangers were very interested in picking him up as well, both teams have been battling contract offers with him. The one year contact will keep Rod on his toes if he takes it, making him work hard to come back for the next year.
Watch Barajas in one of his finest moments with the Jays....GRAND SLAM!

Marco Scutaro leaves The Jays

It really sucks that Marco Scutaro isnt with the Jays anymore. He was my fav player! The worst is that he signed 2 years with Boston. Its like being the biggest trader of life~! Actually i guess it would be much worse if he had of signed with the Yankees. But still! I hate the players can come and go at any time. I dont know if anyone was too said to see Alex Rios last season but Marco and Halladay in one swoop that sucked.

Alex Gonzalez (who signed with the jays in Marco's place) may end up to work better on our behalf. Dont forget at the end of the season Scutaro's knee kept him out of the final two weeks of the season. Boston wasn't sure they wanted to take him on this season and put him through a series of tests. Lets hope we get the upper hand on this one.

New Synthetic Turf at the Skydome

New astroturf at the skydome? So apparently the skydome spent a good chunk of change on a new turf for the 2010 season. The new "astro turf" will prevent some possible injuries and make it easier for players in the outfeild.

Travis Snider said, "the strips will make a big difference. The way it was before the ball could hit into the seams that run crossways and get kicked in any direction." Short stop Aaron Hill said, "For me, the main issue was the joints would sometimes stick up and the ball would always find those flaws".

Astroturf is in partnerdship with MLB, has already been installed in other stadiums. The benefit also will help the rogers centre convert into a football feild or get ready for concert events with its 200 feet by 15 feet peices.

Lets hope it will help our game in 2010.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Current Jays Roster and Scedule

This is the Jays current roster and schedule. Thought i'd post it for those who are gettin excited for this year's season to roll around and wanna check out whats instore for it. Our line up is looking quite different this year, lets hope its a success one!

The jays open 2010 on the road against the Texas Rangers with a three game series starting on April the 5th. They return back to Rogers Centre for the home opener against the chicago white sox on the 12th @ 7:07pm. For those who cant remember last home opener it was awesome! Tickets are already on sale at the Rogers Centre and sell out for the home opener quickly. If your going with a group make sure to get tickets early for good seats!



Blogger: Toronto Blue jays who will take the lead now that Halladay is gone?

Blogger: Toronto Blue Jays:

It was a tough loss for all Jays fans to see Halladay leave. But really how long does he have left? Trading off the player when they are in their prime to get some hot new prospects might of been the best choice. But really who is our star pitcher now? I'd like to say tallet but he cant handle too many innings... camp and cecil? dont get me started on those two. Mark Rzepcznski did "okay"... romero?...you can never predict whats gonna happen when he steps to the plate. I'm gonna put my money on the "wild card" Shaun Marcum. What do you think? Have a look at an article that was posted in the Globe and Mail on Friday the 19th and tell me your thoughts.