Monday, February 22, 2010

Blogger: Toronto Blue jays who will take the lead now that Halladay is gone?

Blogger: Toronto Blue Jays:

It was a tough loss for all Jays fans to see Halladay leave. But really how long does he have left? Trading off the player when they are in their prime to get some hot new prospects might of been the best choice. But really who is our star pitcher now? I'd like to say tallet but he cant handle too many innings... camp and cecil? dont get me started on those two. Mark Rzepcznski did "okay"... romero? can never predict whats gonna happen when he steps to the plate. I'm gonna put my money on the "wild card" Shaun Marcum. What do you think? Have a look at an article that was posted in the Globe and Mail on Friday the 19th and tell me your thoughts.

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