Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New Synthetic Turf at the Skydome

New astroturf at the skydome? So apparently the skydome spent a good chunk of change on a new turf for the 2010 season. The new "astro turf" will prevent some possible injuries and make it easier for players in the outfeild.

Travis Snider said, "the strips will make a big difference. The way it was before the ball could hit into the seams that run crossways and get kicked in any direction." Short stop Aaron Hill said, "For me, the main issue was the joints would sometimes stick up and the ball would always find those flaws".

Astroturf is in partnerdship with MLB, has already been installed in other stadiums. The benefit also will help the rogers centre convert into a football feild or get ready for concert events with its 200 feet by 15 feet peices.

Lets hope it will help our game in 2010.

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