Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Marco Scutaro leaves The Jays

It really sucks that Marco Scutaro isnt with the Jays anymore. He was my fav player! The worst is that he signed 2 years with Boston. Its like being the biggest trader of life~! Actually i guess it would be much worse if he had of signed with the Yankees. But still! I hate the players can come and go at any time. I dont know if anyone was too said to see Alex Rios last season but Marco and Halladay in one swoop that sucked.

Alex Gonzalez (who signed with the jays in Marco's place) may end up to work better on our behalf. Dont forget at the end of the season Scutaro's knee kept him out of the final two weeks of the season. Boston wasn't sure they wanted to take him on this season and put him through a series of tests. Lets hope we get the upper hand on this one.

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